Why Standing On A Picnic Table Technically Makes You a Feminist

  Feminist Wednesday is dedicated to your inner 10th grade soul.  May you always be supportive, open-minded, and encouraging women.10thgrade

My Feminist Manifesto:

Although I was born and bred a bossy broad, I was never physically moved by feminism until recently, when I physically moved to the top of a picnic table.  No really, I was literally standing on top of a picnic table in the name of feminism.  Why you ask?  Ill tell you why- alcohol!  Just kidding. It was my unabashed passion for equality (and a little vodka) that got me riled up.

And while I didn’t yell or scream (I just stood on the table in silent protest for a few minutes until my loving boyfriend gave me a head nod that it might be time to come on down, as I was probably making everyone at the bar a little uncomfortable) this experience was quite insightful.


At the time, this felt like a reasonable response to a lively bar discussion about unequal pay. This single act of obnoxiousness gave me the courage to publicly declare myself a feminist, and opened the floodgates for me to speak my mind and be the annoying one in my group of friends. Because its important to use the word, to own it. Its important to feel empowered by the fact that yeah- things aren’t really where they should be, but I have my eye on it, and I’m interested in making it better.  We shouldn’t shy away from being strong or obnoxious if its for something we believe in.

I had the fortune of growing up surrounded by the most exceptional women as role models (Hi, Mom!).  People that taught me that it is always best to embrace your passion, whether it be about politics or fonts or Beyoncé, and never to be ashamed of it. I want to share that.


And while it sometimes feels like we aren’t being listened to, I’m here to tell you that you are wonderful and smart and a bad ass bitch. There are ladies like you, standing up for women’s rights, pushing ahead in their fields, and breaking boundaries.  This newsletter is for you, designed to encourage, enlighten and empower.  This is Feminist Wednesday.

Viva la Beaver!


Erin Founder of Feminist Wednesday