Meet singer songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir


My name is Thorunn Egilsdottir. I’m a singer songwriter and member of WHEN ‘AIRY MET FAIRY .

Tell us how you got started in your craft?

It all started with a flute and a great sound in my bathroom. I was five year old and fell in love with making music.

Tell us why feminism is important to you and how it influences your work?

When I was a teenager I thought feminism is something for old women who take things too seriously. Today I think feminism is unfortunately necessary if we want to make this world a fairer place. It sickens me how our ancestors have treated women in the past. We must fight against inequality . The best way to do so is use great arguments- in a peaceful way. We are the mothers, sisters and wives. We can change things by convincing the men in our lives that we are equally smart, brave and hence worthy.

What do you do to avoid feminist burnout?

Ride my bike and play tennis. I have a seven year old daughter . I am divorced and have a full time job. I try to get that free time whenever it gets too much.

Whats your favorite self care practice?

Get a massage at the most luxurious spa I can find . I call it the ‘love myself day’.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field?

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Find your own voice and learn to accept that there’s always someone better than you.

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