Meet More Raça, director of Home


I am More Raça from Prishtina, Kosovo a writer and director of several short films and documentaries. My last film Home participated in many international film festivals such as Raindance, St. Louis International Film festival, Florida Film festival, Idyllwild Film Festival. I strongly focus on themes concerning women issues and their struggles. Cinematography is one path for me to tell the truth about different issues and ensure women’s rights are part of the agenda setting.  

What is Home about and what message do you hope it sends audiences?

The idea originates from the real life of a woman whose life sequence appears in this film. This woman confessed her shocking fate to me, therefore I decided to make a film about her story. Her brothers want to divide their ancestral property by themselves, totally excluding Hava (sister), because she is a women and according to traditional customs women have no right to claim any ancestral property. Her brother is obligated to find a husband for her and cover the marriage expenses, that is all. However, Hava doesn’t want to get married, she wants to live in her childhood home. Her brothers strongly oppose her fish, so the conflict begins.   Countries in transition have profound socio-economic problems, one of those is the gender inequality. People talk about improvement on but we are seriously lacking on implementation; speaking about women’s rights is secondary.    

Why did you choose film as your mode of expression and activism?

My aim is to bring about long term cultural changes and challenge assumptions and stereotyping on the grounds of women issues. This is very challenging and I do not aim to reach full quality but at least I try to reduce the gap. I can send a strong message outhere and I am very optimistic that my films will encourage women to advocate for their rights. Being a director has a profound meaning, because I can use my artistic creation to advocate for the challenges and problems facing my country as well as the region.  

If you could give one piece of advice to other female filmmakers, what would it be?

They should be fearless when choosing the topics of their films.  

How can we follow and support your work?

I am on facebook and twitter where I post everything related to my work also on the web site of my sort film Home where they can also contact me regarding Home.