Meet Kathlyn Hart from Be Brave Get Paid


Happy Feminist Wednesday! This week we chatted with Kathlyn Hart from Be Brave Get Paid on how she doubled her salary through negotiation, why financial equity equals gender equality, and how to stay motivated and keep track of your successes.

Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what you do

Hey there!  I’m Kathlyn Hart, a motivational speaker and the creator of Be Brave Get Paid (, an online salary negotiation course for women.  Though my work, I help women gain the skills and confidence to ask for the income they deserve.  In addition, I am the host of The Big Leap Show podcast (, where I interview badass women about their journey from dreaming to doing.

Tell us how you got started doing financial coaching?

At 23, I found myself stuck in sweltering hot LA traffic going 0 miles an hour, living paycheck to paycheck, wondering WTF I was doing.  Over time, out of frustration and a deep desire to travel the world, I started devouring every personal finance book I could find.  It was in these books that I first discovered that negotiating your salary was even an option.  Once I began applying everything I learned, my life shifted.  I was able to double my salary, save over $16,000, quit my job, buy myself a one-way ticket to Asia and start my first business as a website developer.

After that empowering experience, friends began asking me how I was able to make each of these steps happen.  To share what I had learned, I began blogging, which gradually morphed into my podcast.  Along the way, I also began speaking and coaching as I became more confident in myself, my voice, and my message.

How does feminism influence your work?

No matter how we slice it, money is power.  Money gives us the power to say “yes” and the power to say “no.”  It is because of this that I believe we will never truly solve gender equality until we achieve financial equality.  This idea fuels me to do my part in helping move the world toward gender equity by teaching as many women as possible how to confidently negotiate for the income they deserve so that they can truly begin to step into their power.  

What's your favorite self-care practice?

My all-time favorite self-care practice is taking a bath.  Not just your basic bath… no, I literally go to town.  Bubbles, bath salts, essential oils, body scrub, candles, music, wine, you name it!  I wasn't always a bath girl.  I used to HATE sitting still for more than 30 minutes.  Now though, I look forward to hitting pause and spending hours on end relaxing and take a break from my never-ending to-do list. 

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field?

The first thing I would say to anyone getting started in the coaching field is to know that imposter syndrome is totally normal.  To combat this, one thing I would encourage any coach to do is to keep track of your successes.  Anytime I get a success story, say a student negotiating $10,000 more, I will take a screenshot of their email and save it to a folder.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve questioned the impact I was making and how helpful it has been to have a folder full of happy, successful clients to bring me back to the reality that I am literally changing lives by helping women to negotiate thousands more.

The second thing I would say is to own what makes you YOU.  I personally love gifs, bad jokes, and making weird faces.  Some people may be turned off by my brand because they don’t feel it’s “professional” enough.  At the same time though, my differences are what makes others love me.  Don’t be vanilla.  Own your unique flavor and let your freak flag fly.

Thanks Kathlyn! How can our Betty's support you?

Nothing makes me more excited than helping women earn more. I have a bunch of free guides and tips Betty's can use to gain confidence and negotiate their next salary. To learn more and sign up, visit!