Meet Cady Huffman, Director of City of Light

  CadyHuffmanIntroduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

I'm Cady Huffman, the director of a new musical called City of Light. Mel Brooks dubbed me "The Mountain Every Jew Would Like to Climb." I'm a performer who has had the good fortune to make my living in my chosen business for the past 34 years. I also direct, produce, write, teach and mentor young artists. All in all, one lucky gal. And I won a Tony Award for playing Ulla in The Producers.

How do you define feminism and how does it play a part in what you do?

Feminism is women doing what drives them and going where their highest and best talents take them. Equally important whether your talents lie in caring for a family full time, or running a company or winning at tennis or caring for patients or being compelling on a movie screen. It bugs me that there has to be a name for it. Should be a given.

What's it like working with an all-female creative team?

Don't try to trick me on this one. I love my team as I have loved other teams. It's as good as working with any combo of female/male/other. I grew up in a gender neutral environment. One brother won Most Beautiful Señorita in 5th grade. The other gets regular mani-pedi's and has long, feathered hair. They are both talented and have so much integrity. I like trucks. My mother was a single parent and at 85 owns her own company and works every day. When I am treated in certain, dismissive ways because I'm a woman, it surprises and disappoints me. My mother helped each of us be ourselves. And so, I won't answer this directly. I'm always looking for the best, brightest, most talented and kindest people to collaborate with.

If you could give one piece of advice to other female creatives, what would it be?

Be your best and allow others to be their best.

How can we follow and support your work?

Why, thank you for asking. I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and I have a website