Lady Hustler: Katie Corcoran


Katie Corcoran

Hello Feminist Wednesday readers! My name is Katie Corcoran and I am a Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and soon-to-be Author. I am a self-proclaimed Lady Hustler and can often be found caught in the middle of juggling 29 various projects from writing my first book to getting down and dirty in the weeds with my Thrive in Your Hustle Mastermind series and one-on-one coaching. I'm what you call a Spiritual Gangster and, by that I mean, I have learned the best times to hone in on my hustle and have ultimately learned how to master the balancing act between work and play.

Tell us how you got your inspiration to be a health/life coach?

To be honest, my entire life I've often been the "go-to problem solver" among my friends, family, coworkers, etc. In the past, I didn't understand or value my gift to listen, view a situation holistically, and provide actionable feedback as a "skill", but rather just me trying to be a good egg. However, I started to uncover that I am a gut listener and many people have difficulty listening to their gut for guidance. Instead, they listen to guilt and persuasion from others. I believe our guts will always guide the way and I feel lucky to be a liaison to help people uncover their true inner passions and desires. Nothing makes me more proud than being a first listener -- and sometimes cheerleader --to my clients and to help them realistically break through barriers and maintain balance in the process.

You are currently working full time and following your dream (like a lot of lady hustlers out there), what advice do you have for women who are balancing their jobs with their dreams?

I am and holy moly working full-time and maintaining a side passion is tremendously difficult. There's no way to dance around the topic, I have had (ahem many) late nights, worked on weekends, and stressed about not feeling like I am growing at the right pace to support my ambitious desire. But I have to remember that each day is just as important as the day before and I have committed to take action each and every day. I am a huge planner so my weekly goals are spelled out every Sunday and that helps to leave little guess work during the week. Basically, I know what I need to complete before the end of the week to feel proud and satisfied with the progression. The best advice I could give, and it may sound cliche, is that we are all exactly where we need to be today. Each moment is important and helps influence how we pivot in the future. So accept where you are, and know you are in the right place for you now.

You are working on a book right now of healthy living tips - can you tell us some of the main themes in the book and some of the best advice you have gleaned from the book?

Absolutely! My book is called How She Does It: A DIY Guide to Thrive in Your Hustle and I am thrilled to share my T-H-R-I-V-E every day concept with readers in the spring, but in the interim, some of the principles incorporate actionable planning tips, learning how to treat your body right by listening to your needs, and fueling yourself with clean eats and regular sleep. In addition, I define how the Lady Hustler has the drive, confidence, poise, curiosity, and mentors to help guide her along her journey. It's jam-packed with inspiration, advice, Lady Hustler features, and also spells out how you can thrive as well.

Any final plugs or things you want our readers to know about?

Yes, I am co-hosting an online mastermind group with 50+ members right now called Thrive in Your Hustle, and I would love to invite the FW community to hop on board and attend the last two sessions! Feel free to register here. We meet Monday evenings at 8 pm and all sessions are recorded. We've discussed Thriving & Fears and will tackle goal-setting and diversifying our projects in weeks three and four!