Jillian's Summer Tour

headshot[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]J[/dropcap]illian Foster, founder of Feminist Dialogue, and Global Insight is launching 'Jillian's Summer Tour' this May! The major focus of this tour will be on her Women In Conflict Project and she is looking for your support bringing the ultimate feminist summer tour to life: [divider type="dashed"]

In hunting for answers to this question, the Women In Conflict project demands a reimagining of women as active agents of change, rather than solely victims of conflict. Doubly important, understanding women as more than passive victims enables us to also see women as legitimate contributors, rather than accessories, to the peace building process. With violent extremism on the rise, women hold the keys to sustained peace. The Women In Conflict project is about listening to their stories so as to better understand the roles they play. To kick off the Women In Conflict project, I’m working from a lean-as-hell budget of 15,000 USD which I’m raising right here and right now. Will you help propel the Women In Conflict project into existence?3 ways you can support Women In Conflict:

  1. Donate some bones (aka money) here.
  2. Tell all your friends, family, colleagues, and lovers to support the Women In Conflict project – sharing is caring, people.
  3. Connect me directly with contacts you have in Beirut and/or Cairo who might be interested in collaborating.

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