Indiegogo Alert: "Finding Tamu"

findingtamutitlecardRead below what creators Joi Stephens and Felisha George have shared with us about their film, "Finding Tamu" and check out their Indiegogo campaign to support and share their project![divider type="short" spacing="10"]

[dropcap background="no" color="#333333"]F[/dropcap]inding Tamu is an independent, coming to age short film created by Joi Stephens and Felisha George that touches on the important matters our media does not cover. You see the main character, Harmony, struggle to find herself while battling with the people around her. With her back against the wall and nobody to run to, Harmony comes in contact with a lot of problems all at once causing her to search for an escape. She must figure out if she will be a victim of her issues, or a survivor.

In this film, you will see art shine through very dark situations. All three lead roles are played by Alana Johnson (Harmony), Amanda Mikhail (Mia), and Nicolette Ellis (Tamu). Together these three women bring so much life to these circumstances. They are powerful, demanding, and altogether outstanding actresses on the road to greatness. With this strong female cast and female creators, this film is a must see![divider type="short" spacing="10"]


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