If you... (a poem)



by Iris, age 13 This poem is inspired by the names that some boys call girls in my school. It feels like no matter what you do, you have done something wrong. We need to ignore these comments as they are not true and do what we think is right for us personally.

"If you..."

If you stand up for yourself you are a "bitch" If you let people do things you don't want you a "whore" If you say no you are "frigid" If you wear you skirt how you like you are "up for it" If you wear your skirt too long for them you are a "stiff nun" If you say yes when you want you are a "slag" If you are too skinny you are "anorexic" If you have some flesh on you, you are a "fat pig" If you don't show enough skin you are "uptight" If you show too much skin you are a "slut"

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