How sleeping apart can save your marriage

TheresaBrawnerby Theresa Brawner, Sleeping in separate rooms is traditionally considered as one of the signs of a problem in marriage, but a new study has led to quite different conclusions. Namely, an increasing number of couples are deciding to sleep in separate rooms. It's a practical decision, and some of the reasons for this are that your partner is snoring and watching TV and, and you want to have some rest.


Using Smartphone in the bed

Most of women have a problem when falling asleep because the partner is on the phone in the bed, or talks to his friends late into the night. You cannot fall asleep because your man is checking social networks over the phone before bedtime? These habits can bring more harm than use in a common bed. If your partner uses smart phones before bedtime or while he is in bed, it can lead to a disturbance of your bio-rhythm, and thus, it may happen that you cannot fall asleep until late at night. Considering that many women today work and get up early, the lack of sleep influences working ability and the quality of sleep will get worse. The sound and light that comes from your man's phone irritate you and make you nervous. Because of these things, your life becomes much more difficult, which can lead to many other problems, such as quarrelling and divorce.



Generally, snoring has bad influence on every person. Your partner is snoring and you cannot fall asleep? That's why you are nervous and exhausted and you do not do your job properly and at work. Snoring is a type of respiratory distress during sleep, which affects the quality and quantity of sleep, not only your partner, but also the effect on you. The lack of sleep also affects judgment, and so there may be quarrels between the partners. The best way to solve this problem is to sleep in separate rooms. You may think that it will harm your marriage, but rest assured that you will be happier, and your work and your obligations will not suffer. That will keep your marriage good and stable.


Teeth grinding

There are people who are grinding their teeth while sleeping. If your partner grinds his teeth, this becomes unsolvable problem for you. If teeth grinding is severe, it can cause jaw dysfunction and other problems. Of course, if your partner grinds his teeth, he doesn’t register it and you find yourself in the situation to wake him up at night, because you cannot sleep at all. This is a big problem for you, because you need a rest that you deserve. Sleeping in separate rooms is the only solution for you if you want to be fresh and relaxed, and, in a certain way, save your marriage.


Restless sleeping

Does it happen to you that your partner is constantly turning around while sleeping or hugging you during the night and you cannot fall asleep? You fight with him about the blanket? Your partner turns around in hope that he would find the perfect sleeping position, but he does not let you sleep? You lose your dream and you become irritable. Fighting about the blanket is often. Your partner is stronger than you and in the night he takes away blanket from you leaving you “blanketless” and therefore there is no sleep. All these problems arise when partners sleep together. The solution is to send him to another room with his favorite blanket, and both of you will be satisfied.


Watching TV

TV in the room also has a big impact on the lack of sleep. Your man likes to watch movies at bedtime, and you think it's unnecessary, because you get up early to work. Late TV watching before sleep has negative influences on your relationship with your partner. Because of that, huge problems may occur in marriage. You just do not want to deal with it, because you need peace and rest for your activities and work for the next day. Hence, send your partner to another room because this is the only solution for a quiet dream and, thus, a peaceful marriage. Even though some may think that there are problems in marriage if people sleep separately, it actually means quite opposite. We do love our partners and we should do anything to keep the marriage, but sometimes we should love ourselves more. So balance between your relationship and your peace, because yes, you need them both.

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