Homeworld: A Documentary

A senior student from an Atlanta based college wants to bring diversity to all things nerdy. She has studied film for the past five years and hopes to put it to the test during her final year in the mass media arts program. With goals to become a documentary writer and director, she thought it best to start with something local but relatable everywhere you go.

Homeworld: Colors, Cons, and Cosplay is a look into what it means to be a person of color becoming the representation they seldom see in science fiction and fantasy. Chanse stumbled upon Dragon Con and cosplay after a heartwarming post on Facebook from Charles Conley, founder of Ebony Warrior Studios, about cosplaying as batman and being approached by a young African American boy who was over the moon that batman could be African American too. This prompted research into finding out if more people of color cosplayed too.

And they do. There are thousands of people of color gender bending and race bending popular characters and so many of them do it with the message behind them that anyone can partake in this hobby and sometimes career. So often people dub cosplaying as a "white thing" and Chanse wants to help show that it's not.

At only 2% funded, the campaign is approaching its last 24 hours. And while Chanse is hopeful, if funding does not become available she will go back to the drawing board with the hopes of including Comic Con and Nairobi Con.

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