Happy Thanksgiving!

tumblr_mwvy9jCxfp1sa7h11o1_400What are you thankful for this year? The top five things Feminist Wednesday is thankful for this year are: 

1. My parents for supporting and encouraging Feminist Wednesday. My Mom for being the most emotional, passionate, and the strongest person I know. My Dad for brining me to women’s basketball games when I was little, however allowing me to spend my soccer games kart wheeling through the field.

2. Sal-amander, Feminist Wednesday’s Copy Editor, my boyfriend, and my partner in crime. The one who is making me dinner while I freak out about a deadline or keeping me company when I am up working on the newsletter until 2 am. Thank you for making me laugh and for taking care of me. You are the best! I love you.

3. Feminism comes in waves, social trends carry and flush out ideas, and I am super thankful for the early feminists who came before me. The ones that fought for us to have the right to vote, the right to birth control and the right to be the boss. The ones who were told feminism was a ‘deep illness’ and meant you were ‘neurological disturbed’ or had a case of ‘penis envy’ (Modern Woman: The Lost Sex, 1947). 

4. Hilary Clinton

5. You! Thank you for reading and most of all for sharing. Nothing makes me happier than a feminist who shares her ideas and perspective. It’s so important to change the landscape we are in and so valuable so do it. So thank you so much for your ongoing support and your fabulous self.

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