Happy Feminist Wednesday!

FW_Design_InstragramHappy Feminist Wednesday!

Greetings friends and feminists!

I am so excited to announce that my dear friend and colleague Alicia Napierkowski will be taking over the reigns of Feminist Wednesday's publishing team as our new Editor in Chief. Woohoo!

[blockquote source="Alicia"]"My name is Alicia. I am a writer, artist, and peace enthusiast born in CT. I love The Beatles, sunshine, black coffee, and the Oxford comma. I love being a feminist because equality, peace, love, and activism have always been the core of my being. Identifying myself as a feminist has empowered me to understand who I am and strengthen my individuality. I hope to invigorate the Universe with positivity and a badass feminist spirit."[/blockquote]

Thanks to Alicia, who has been instrumental in getting new content up over the last few months Feminist Wednesday has continued to be a thriving, enriching, and influential storytelling space in the feminist community. I couldn't be more excited, and proud to have her take on this crucial role. Hope you have the most wonderful of Feminist Wednesdays and as always...

Viva La Beaver! Erin

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