Happy Birthday Mom!

tumblr_mu0ua4NROs1sa7h11o1_500This week is a super special Feminist Wednesday because it is also MaryAlice’s birthday! Today we celebrate the original bad ass bitch, my mom. When I was a little feminist my family moved around a lot. My father was in the military and so every couple of years we would pack up our whole life in little boxes and ship them all around the country. It was usually a sad time saying goodbye to our favorite people and places however through every move, with every new destination, my mother made our house a home.

She painted a giant snowman on our bathroom wall when we moved away from Buffalo and missed the snow, she plastered our walls with surfers and floral print when we moved away from Hawaii, and our kitchen was always full of craft fair inspirational sayings like “This is a new adventure” or my favorite of Dorothy in her sparkly red shoes that said “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore” (we lived in Kansas at one point). My mom has always been a pillar of strength, support, and creativity.

She has always pushed my brother and I to pursue our passions, and sets such a wonderful example through the dedication and drive she displays in her own career as a catholic school principal. She makes that school as warm and welcoming as our home: murals and paintings cover the walls, she leads yoga classes, teaches dance routines before class, and is constantly working at getting her students new technology for their classrooms. Growing up I thought all moms wore tie dye, drove red convertibles and wore blue mascara- boy was I wrong, MA you are one in a million.

Happy Birthday, I love you! XO

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