HappyB-_IGHappy Feminist Wednesday!

It's an amazing holiday today because not only is it Feminist Wednesday but it's also BETTY THE BEAVERS 2nd BIRTHDAY!  I can't believe it was only two-ish years ago I stood drunkenly on top of a picnic table and declared myself an out and proud feminist!

Since that vodka infused moment Feminist Wednesday's storytelling platform was born and has blossomed into a safe and empowering space for your stories. I am so proud of every article, every design, and every Wednesday we have published on. I am also ecstatic that our bicoastal digital team is still invested in bringing you amazing original content! Thank you Chelsea, Jessica, Samee, Maggie, Ashlee, Sal and Alicia for your time and love to the blog.

Also, thanks so much for our guest writers who continue to open up their hearts and share the important feminist messages we don't get to read about everyday. Without your stories Feminist Wednesday would not be possible!

We have a couple of new and old favorites to share today, so I hope you have an inspiring and enlightening Feminist Wednesday!

Viva La Beaver!