Skate Girls Productions

shredby Rosie, 25 Dorset, England

Me  and Sadie met at school briefly but it wasn't till college that our friendship blossomed and we found out how much we had in common. One of our shared interests was skateboarding, we both hadn't done for a while because we were to scared to go to the skate park, which was a little intimidating as it was mostly boys.

In our later years we decided we want to change this. It’s so rad to watch girls shredding the park or see a fellow girl skater just cruising down the street! We've made it our mission to give females of all ages the opportunity to try skating even if its just for a confidence boost. If they know they can do this they can go on and do a lot more. We hope to achieve this by running a girls skate night locally, and then hopefully create bigger, broader events. We have been contacted by girls doing similar things not only in the UK but overseas as well, which is so encouraging, knowing you have their support and you can give them yours.

One of our latest expeditions was with Neon Stash, who works in the skate clothing and for a girls board magazine called Cooler. She started a project called Brits on Board, which is venturing around Britain, telling the stories of girls doing board sports. It's so encouraging to see that people are noticing the gap in the board sport culture. So we got our cameras out and filmed some sikk girls snowboarding at Freeze festival, a ski/snowboard festival with live music, as well as interviews with the ladies. Its such a supportive and friendly environment for girls as well as boys.

We worked along side Kate Nash a lot the end of last year, which has been so much fun and completely inspirational! Her mission is to try to boost the numbers of girls involved in music, making them aware that it’s so much more than just playing in a band. We were lucky enough to go to a few festivals with her and Manchester Pride, we even made her Christmas video 'I hate you this Christmas.'

Helping Kate Nash really inspired us to start this big adventure. Right now we're trying our hand at not only filming and skating but we want to organize some great events this year. We just organized a music gig for our friend, Lauren Bannon at a beautiful venue on the south coast. We also hope to do some more collaborations with inspiring ladies, but most importantly get more girls involved! Its the best feeling, cruising at any speed down a road or along a sea front we want to share the buzz!

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