Geminis and Dreamchasers: The House of June

HouseofJuneby Ebony, 28 Atlanta, Georgia The House of June

My partner, Amber and myself, met in a lighting class at Georgia State University about three years ago. We were never in a group together but somehow one day the universe led her to speak to me while we were picking up equipment.

“What do you do?” she asks.

“I write and direct” I said.

I then asked her the same question and she said she directed and acted as cinematographer.

Now, I don’t know if it was love at first site. But the first time we spoke I felt an organic sisterhood form.  She was the creative strength to my technical weaknesses and I vice versa to her.  We quickly learned that we were both Geminis and dreamchasers working a nine to five.

Our partnership was formed out of two women not being afraid to say hi to the chick across the room. Our sisterhood came from two women wanting to pursue their dreams and being powerful and prudent enough to know we needed each other’s help.

Based on our immediate connection, vast similarities, and combined strengths we founded our indie production company House of June. Simply put, we said our mission would be to marry beautiful visuals and stimulating narratives together.

Our journey has not been easy; we've stumbled, procrastinated and quite honestly got shit wrong. But we have not stopped, and we have never been so mad at each other that we don’t see the bigger picture: The diverse stories of women need to be represented. And as two black women, we see the disparity in representations of black women in media on the screen as well as behind the screen.

Working with the a cast of women has been one of the purest acts of individuals being beautifully human; we are thankful for each of them. It is fulfilling to see their journeys unfold as fellow creatives. We are inspired by their personal commitments to art and collaboration.

Sharing our message is important because there are voids in entertainment industry that need to be filled. Our message is to defy the bullshit typecast and stereotypes regarding the professional and personal relationships of women. This is why we are here as House of June. This is why we create.

HOUSE OF JUNE | Amber & Ebony

“The Shrink in B6,” House of June’s latest project, is a dramedy with art-house visuals. The series follows NADIA WEST (Shayla Love Washington), a psychology grad school dropout and recently fired waitress who is given an ultimatum by her roommate FARRAH (Tabby Molapo) to find a job. After not-so-thought-out consideration, Nadia posts a Craigslist ad for her services to provide affordable and intimate counseling sessions in her apartment. One-on-one, Nadia “counsels” an eclectic group of people with colorful issues, each episode with Nadia at the helm of their session as an unlicensed pseudo-shrink.

Tune in to “The Shrink in B6,” which will premiere Feb. 5, 2014, with new episodes to be released the first Wednesday of every month via YouTube.

Click here to watch the first episode of 'The Shrink in B6'.