Feminist Highlights of 2014


This was a BIG year for feminism and the ongoing battle for gender equality internationally. More than ever people are focusing on feminist issues and we are so excited to see what next year will bring in terms of getting us closer to the political, social, and economic equality of the sexes. We asked the Feminist Wednesday team to weigh in on their favorite feminist moments of 2014 in the media and in their life!

Check out what they had to say!

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erinErin Bagwell

Favorite Feminist Moment In the Media: So many great moments to talk about. I think Beyonce really dropped the mic on feminism during her concert this year. She is probably one of the most likable women in the media and to see her not only stand by feminism by in front of it literally was amazing.

Favorite Feminist Moment In Your Life: Feminist Wednesday followers stepped up and donated in droves to the Dream, Girl kickstarter. It was so powerful to know a group of forward thinking women can and are changing the world.

You hope for 2015: More media for and by women! I interviewed a 5th grader yesterday from Dream, Girl who told me that she is writing story stories for her and her best friend where they are the main characters (and can also transform into wolves- where can I get a copy!) because she didn’t have a lot of examples of women in action/adventure. That’s insanely cool and I hope this trend not only continues but is lucrative for those women who want to tell their stories.

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maggieMaggie Kerry

Favorite Feminist Moment In The Media:  “Carry That Weight.”  Emma Sulkowicz took a terrible thing that happened in her life and turned it into something really powerful.  She carried a heavy mattress (her mattress) around her university’s campus.  This was her way of reminding the male peer who sexually assaulted her back in 2012.  Not only was it her senior thesis, it was her protesting against sexual assault on her campus as well.  One of the reasons why this was my favorite feminist moment in the media for 2014 was because “Carry That Weight” essentially turned into a movement.  It encouraged and inspired students from all over the country (both male and female) to come together, stand by her, and protest as well on college campuses.  “Carry That Weight” created this sense of community to bring people together and protest together.  To me, a big thing about the feminist movement is bringing people together and that is something Emma Sulkowicz did.

Favorite Feminist Moment In Your Life: My favorite feminist moment in my life was really coming to that realization that being introverted doesn’t make me any less of a feminist.  Even though I don’t say much at times ( a lot of the time), I really do have a voice and more and more of the people around me are starting to finally see that.  Feminsit Wednesday has really helped me find my voice.  For me, that is what matters right now at this part in my journey as a feminist.  It has helped me love myself for who I am so much more.

You hope for 2015: My hope for 2015 is to see more and more people see that the feminist movement is still in fact needed. I also want to see more women accept and support their fellow women for who they are and the choices they make.

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aliciaAlicia Napierkowski

Favorite Feminist Moment in the Media: Ah, how do I only pick one? Well, Taylor Swift's feminist "coming out" and Emma Watson’s #HeForShe are a close tie. Can we all say, “hell yeah” for some badassery shown by two elegant and graceful women?

Favorite Feminist Moment in Your Life: Joining Feminist Wednesday! Feminism has been slowly sparking its presence in my life and once it caught fire, I discovered Feminist Wednesday. Now, I am invigorated and proud to recognize myself as a feminist– and spread awareness alongside a passionate group of women as we, of course, change the world.

You Hope for 2015: For a universal understanding and contribution to equality! Feminism is not about hatred toward one sex versus another but rather, equality, freedom, and respect. I also hope to be a part of the campaign for feminism globally, to prevent violence and oppression. On a personal level, to further myself as a feminist writer and blogger, and inspire more women (and men) to join the movement and share their stories. It’s exhilarating to have an impact on such a prominent progression.

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sameeSamee Callahan

Favorite Feminist Moment In the Media: Nothing can beat the moment when Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala’s human rights advocacy for education and for women in her native land of Pakistan has grown into an international movement. If she can survive an assassination attempt by the Taliban, nothing can stop her.

Favorite Feminist Moment In Your Life: My friend and I applied for the 3% Conference Student Competition in which we had to make a poster design celebrating the increase of female creative leaders to 11% while encouraging people to join the movement. Our poster was 1 out of 10 that made the cut so we raised money and flew out to San Francisco where we attended the 3% Conference for free. It was so amazing to be around so many women who were just like me, feminists and creatives. I was so inspired by the speakers and the women I met and have made invaluable connections because of the trip.

You hope for 2015: To encourage young, female creatives to embrace their dreams and run towards them at full force, not run away from them. My friend and I are starting the 3% at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. With the help of the 3% Conference founders and volunteers, we’ll not only encourage and support these young girls but we’ll give them the tools they need to be successful.

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