Feminist Flashback

tumblr_mudu3fPH3U1sa7h11o1_400Betty Friedan is arguably one of the most important women in American culture and the feminist movement. Her novel, the Feminine Mystique, written in 1963, started the second wave of feminism in America. Over the course of a few hundred pages Betty blew the lid off the world’s obsession with the American housewife; exposing the mother, dish do-er, floor washer, and clothing maker for what she really was…super bored.

Friedan follows the lives of the educated housewife, examines her ambition, her cultural limitations, and the mystique behind what it means to be feminine in 1960s culture, ultimately revealing what it means to be a ‘woman’. Her insight, observations, and research are extremely relevant to the way women are treated and expected to act today. If you have a set of ovaries you should be reading this book. In fact- I will give it to you! Share the second Episode of Beaver Talk via facebook and you’ll be entered to win your own copy :-)

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