Feed Your Fem

1620686_10152205882566113_1153537713_nThis past week Feminist Wednesday's Founder Erin shared her story on the Feed Your Fem podcast! Feed Your Fem is a bi-weekly podcast created in partnership with UoN Feminists and the student radio station URN at the University of Nottingham in the UK. [blockquote source="Johanna Estrin"]The podcast is intended as an outlet for feminist discussion; a space for debate, understanding and reflective questioning of our societal influences and their effects. Our intention with the podcast is that it serve as an introduction for students unfamiliar with feminism. Our main aim for our podcast is that it should be interesting; it will be the greatest reward if we make our audience learn, laugh and consider topics they can identify with but never thought of before in a feminist context.[/blockquote]

For their second podcast Feed Your Fem reviewed the different waves of feminism and Erin talked about how technology is affecting feminism today, why she first started Feminist Wednesday, and how standing on a picnic table can technically make you a feminist. Listen to the episode here!