Dream, Girl on YouTube


by Erin BagwellFounder of Feminist WednesdayCreator of Dream, Girl

Four years ago, I quit my job.

I was absolutely terrified of this unknown path I had put myself on.

I started this journey because I was desperate to view myself as a leader.

I wanted to feel the power, respect, and freedom that came from creating something authentic.

What I learned was that I already had this voice, this drive, and this mission inside of me. I just needed to surround myself with ambitious women so I could see it in myself.

There is no formula for success.

There’s no blueprint to guide you.

There’s just a tiny voice, telling you to dream big.

Now go listen to it.

Click here to watch Dream, Girl on YouTube now.

There are no words for the gratitude, the love, and the full blown joy I feel today.

I’m so honored to have had your support on this journey, and I’m so excited to take this step and share this next chapter with you.

Since our launch in August 2014 you helped me raised over $100K on Kickstarter in 30 days.

Thanks to you we got the attention of Oprah’s SuperSoul100, and we got to screen the film at the White House as part of the United State of Women’s Summit.

When I look back on my journey with the film I’m in awe.

Editing this little independent film in my bedroom in Brooklyn I remember thinking “is anyone going to see this?”

To know that since the film’s premiere at the iconic Paris Theater in June of 2016 we’ve gone on to facilitate over 300+ community screening events in over 40 different countries. I’ve personally been to over 40 events in Dubai, Tajikistan, Egypt and later this month I’ll be headed to Brussels.

Dream, Girl has opened doors in my life I never knew were humanly possible to achieve. It’s forced me to dig deep emotionally and spiritually, and to trust myself and the process unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

There have been enormous highs (getting to meet Oprah, holding my mom’s hand at the our White House screening, and seeing all the entrepreneurs meet for the first time), and killer lows (starting the film over, running out of production funds before my wedding, and trying to navigate the sales world as an artist) but I wouldn’t change a single day of the work.

Every day I get to share this film with the world makes me feel closer to the infinite powers of the universe, and it’s with all the joy in my body that I get to share it with you online today.

This is just the beginning of expanding our potential, our reach, and our mission.


All my love,