ditchMakeup to me has always been an enhancement of physical features. I’ve never been ashamed to go fresh faced at the gym or the beach. I’m not one of those girls who freaks out if she isn’t wearing anything, but I prefer to begin my day with a swipe or ten of mascara (I’m a self proclaimed mascara whore). I feel self-conscious without it. Especially with my features and skin being so fair, if I am not wearing any I get looks of concern like, “are you feeling okay?” or my favorite, “you look tired.”

However once I started working from home, the pressure put on my face was no longer part of my routine. All of a sudden my morning time was spent writing, designing, and having coffee dates with Sal. I did some research about my new form of liberation and learned that according to a British survey women spend 474 days of their life putting on makeup. 474 days! That’s one year and three months. Thats crazy! Could you imagine if you spent that time polishing a project for work, doing yoga, or meeting your friends at the bar? That’s a whole lot of time!

Even crazier is the amount of money we spend on it. A recent survey said on average women spend about $164,000 on makeup over the course of their lifetime. That doesn’t even include hair care or nail maintenance. Ladies, we could be buying beach houses with how much money we spend on makeup. Beach houses!

Personally, I think its really sexy when women are so confident they don't need to wear makeup. I always get excited when my friends #ditchthelipstick and embrace their natural features. This is why I’m starting our first self-love Instagram photo campaign. This February, I encourage you to be brave and bare faced! Hashtag your makeup free photos with #ditchthelipstick and share your natural beauty with the Feminist Wednesday community.

Erin Bagwell Founder of Feminist Wednesday