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What Female is Inspiring You Right Now

Gabby- The person that is inspiring me right now, and will always inspire me is my mom. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bad ass bitch as their mom. My mom drilled into me from a young age the notion of independence because she always wanted me to be able to take care of myself. She pushed me to be the best I could be, to make my dreams a reality, and never settle for less. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today with out my mom!

Ashley - I’m Inspired by my Aunt Gloria. She has persevered through several life tragedies and has never given up hope. The kind of tragedies that you hear about but never think could actually happen to you. She remains a tower of strength and a haven of love and support for her family and people around her. I admire her will to go on with a light heart, and a smile on her face through it all.

Sal- Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! has been a constant inspiration in my life since i was 14, and I have more respect and admiration for her now than ever. It takes a lot of guts to be who you really are, even in our so called “post racial / unbiased / everyone is equal and treated the same” america. As a band i feel like Against Me! has always done this, making the records they wanted to make even if it may have alienated some of their fans. When Laura came out as a transgender, telling of how she questioned her gender identity since she was a young boy, I realized that even my heroes I thought to be incredibly strong and self-assured have their struggles. She was able to overcome her demons and come out on the other side with guns blazing and guitars shredding in high heels and a mini skirt. That’s punk as fuck.

What Makes You A Bad Ass Bitch

Gabby- I would have to say my motivation makes me a bad ass bitch. You don’t want to get in the way of a woman on a mission! I have never been afraid to work hard to achieve my goals, and I think that has made me a better person. Most importantly I believe my motivation keeps my family’s tradition of strong women alive.

Ashley- Im a bad ass bitch because i am loyal and crazily protective of the people I love. And no matter how many times I’ve been knocked down, I will never let it keep me from following my dreams.

Why Do You Suport Bad Ass Bitches

Sal- Rich white men had their time to run america. It was a great run guys, really, but we need some new blood running the show. Ladies are kicking butt on the regular in the workplace, the art world, the music scene, at startups, in the home, and everywhere in between. I support bad ass bitches because their success is necessary for everyone to move forward. it’s a little bit of proof that society can move beyond the antiquated gender roles, racial stereotypes, and blind jingoism that have defined our past. Bad ass bitches everywhere demand and deserve your attention.

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