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tumblr_mr55lfaP3T1sa7h11o1_500 Who You Admire Now

Khalidah S- My grandmother, because she raised me to be an empowered young lady with values and morals.

Crissy F- My mom, because she’s always in charge even when people don’t realize it.

Jeanine G- Jeanne-Marie Vecsey. She went to Barnard (when it was rare for women to go to college), became editor of Argosy magazine, was on the board of Planned Parenthood, and a protestor for Women’s Rights. She’s a fantastic mix of well mannered, stylish, and “get out of my way!” Oh, and she’s my step-grandmother.

What Makes You a Bad Ass Bitch

Khalidah S- I spend my days giving hope to people who have no hope left. I like to empower people with little to no self esteem. I keep it classy but I’m not afraid to get dirty. I’m a loyal person who would give the clothes off my back to a friend in need… Okay maybe not my clothes…We can just go shopping ;-)

Crissy F- I realized pretty early on in my career that everyone knows everyone and a good impression can go a long way. I try to treat everyone I meet with interest and respect because you never know who they’re going to be. Also, I never stop hustling. Ever.

Jeanine G- I just work to get what I want, and when that happens, I keep working harder. I immerse myself in everything I do (even if it’s just staring at adorable dogs).

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