BeaverTalk: January Roundup



BeaverTalk Episode 017On Being a Working Actor with Emily Mwakitaw

Emily Mwakitawa stops by the Beaver Den to discuss what it’s like to be a working actor. They chat about finding her calling, the ways in which both men & women approach method acting, and exploring other avenues in film production.

BeaverTalk Episode 016 2018 Oscar Predictions 

Erin & Diana discuss the nominations for the 2018 Academy Awards. They celebrate the triumphs of women in film this year as well as the current cultural climate and its influence on this year’s awards.

BeaverTalk Episode 015The Crown, Season 2

Erin & Diana share their thoughts on season 2 of The Crown,  Netflix’s show about Queen Elizabeth II starring Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and Victoria Hamilton. They also touch on the sequel event of the year, Mama Mia 2.

BeaverTalk Episode 014Positive Self Messaging with Katie with Katie Horwitch

Erin & Diana welcome Katie Horwitch from the WANT (Women Against Negative Talk) podcast to the Beaver Den. They chat about the importance of accepting what you’re feeling, finding “your people” and dealing with weddings.

BeaverTalk Episode 013Beaver Bites: Living for Erika Jayne

Erin & Diana catch up after the New Year with the film & TV they’ve been watching. They share their thoughts on Diana’s MoviePass, Laura Dern in The Last Jedi, the problematic Greatest Showman, loving Kinky Boots on Broadway and Bono’s opinion on today’s music. Erin also reveals that she’s finally all in on The Real Housewives.

BeaverTalk Bonus EpisodeTime's Up

Diana shares a quick recap as well as her thoughts on an eventful and empowering night for women at the 75th Golden Globes.

BeaverTalk Episode 012Review: I, Tonya

Erin & Diana discuss the dark-comedy I, Tonya (2017) starring Margot Robbie, Allison Janney & Sebastian Stan. They share their thoughts on the film as well as what they learned about Tonya Harding’s achievements that often get overshadowed by the controversy.

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