Impakt - Needs your Kickstarter Support!

The world needs transparent companies & products that do good.

Your dollar is your vote, make sure you are spending it on companies, people, and issues that are important to you. The Impakt Browser Extension (for Chrome and Firefox) does just that. It helps align your spending with your values everywhere you shop online.

Here is a little more about the Impakt extension via their Kickstarter campaign:

As you view products online, Impakt aggregates public data and news articles to deliver personalized Alerts, Company Profiles, and alternative Recommendations in any desktop e-commerce environment.

With Impakt Premium Membership for $1 per month, rank any of the following causes in order of importance to you, and we'll filter Alerts, Reports, and Recommendations according to your priorities:

  • Environmental Sustainability (available on Impakt Freemium)
  • Ending Child Labor (available on Impakt Freemium)
  • Corporate Lobbying
  • Health Risks: Carcinogens & Other Toxins
  • Women- & Minority-Owned Companies
  • Diversity in Hiring & Management
  • Worker-Owned Companies
  • Ending Animal Cruelty
  • Fight for $15
  • Made in the USA

Support the Impakt Kickstarter campaign here!

Whether its $1 or $5 every penny counts to help get this startup off the ground. Pledge your support now, our team sure did!

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