Alpha Females Unleashed new book by CC Lyons

AlphaFemalesUnleashedWomen are called all sorts of names throughout their lives but alpha usually isn't one of them. Alpha Females Unleashed is the new book by CC Lyons that explores what its takes for women to unleash their inner alpa wolf and thrive. We sat down to chat with CC all about what the writing process was like, how it identify the alpha women in our lives, and much more.   

What and who inspired you to write this book?

The inspiration to write this book came from noticing the patterns of certain types of women who seemed to have the same qualities that I admired – they were mentors for me. Conversations with friends and colleagues revealed similarities that certain women exhibited and we questioned why they differed greatly from those that society considers “womanly” or ladylike. So, I decided to pursue understanding them, defining them as a unique "species," and that pursuit became a journey which became a book.


Alpha Females are often called "Ice Queens." Why do you think our culture is afraid of Alpha Females? And, do you think that perception is changing?

"Ice Queen" is one of the nicer names they are called by society. Cultures and society that are highly male- or power-driven fear what they don't understand or cannot label. Think about it: These women are the Alpha Male in female form. They can act, think, maneuver and compartmentalize like men, while keeping the femininity, poise, sensuality, and sixth sense of women. Most people are wary of that kind of power – rightfully so! The perception has changed, but not by much. It still has a negative connotation in most uses.


One big myth in our culture is that Alpha Female can't find love or have a partner. What is the best partner match for an Alpha Female?

These ladies find love, but they don’t look for it the same way as non-Alphas. These women typically keep a dating roster. They have emotions, but are not emotional. The book elaborates on these characteristics. The best partner match for a true Alpha Female is a true Alpha Male. Yet, dating "themselves” can be a challenge -- especially for the men.


The larger challenge for Alpha Females in relationships is that she will attract Beta males as well as those who believe they are Alpha. The alpha qualities attract these men because they admire them; but oftentimes, the love turns to hate because they cannot harness or control her power. They love to hate those qualities, and that can get dangerous. There is a true-life example in the book where it can lead to stalking and potential loss of life.


BookDid anything surprise you while writing Alpha Females Unleashed?

I was surprised that so many women didn’t believe that Alpha Females exist, or could exist. I also found it interesting that many men believed they knew a true Alpha Female or thought they dated or were married to one. Most of them mistaken. The biggest surprise when I started the interview phase of this journey was that so many people would go on record about the topic – I think I expected it to be very taboo. However, the response was extremely positive; so, positive that I had to limit the number of people interviewed because I couldn’t fly across the country fast enough.


What advice do you have for our readers who might be interested in writing a book but are scared to take the first step?

It depends on what type of book they are wanting to write. I would not consider myself a writer by any means. The subject matter was so intriguing that I could not walk away from it. Best advice, especially if it is about a taboo topic, is to look at it as a journey, be prepared to be self-reflective and to tell the truths within the journey, and don't overthink it. Let your passion lead you and have the courage to be able to face yourself – the good, the bad and the part you would never want to admit. The hardest part is writing the first word.


How can our readers find and support you?

Contact me (CC Lyons) at for book signings, speaking engagements, panel discussions, seminars or workshops. I’m also at; Instagram @cc.lyons and Twitter @cclyons5. Purchase the book at Get one for the Alpha Females in your life -- or their husbands!