A Night of Sirens

nightofFeminist Wednesday is so excited to support 'A Night of Sirens'- a concert being held to celebrate and empower women in Honor of Women's History Month. The evening will take place at the legendary Bitter End in New York City and will feature 20 singer-songwriters, mostly women, sharing songs that symbolize the beauty of the female spirit. The show will include a variety of musical genres including indie, folk, jazz, country, rock and even poetry. Proceeds from 'A Night of Sirens' will benefit "Made by Survivors," a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of human rights abuses including slavery and sex trafficking. The show is being put together by the talented Erel Pilo who said she was motivated to create the show by a  number of events:

[blockquote source="Erel Pilo"]In December, I attended the New York Songwriter's Collective Holiday Showcase held at The Bitter End and orchestrated by Peter Bliss.  I met so many talented performers that night, and I thought the 1 song per person format worked really nicely as a mixer.  Feminist Wednesday was also an inspiration because reading and being a part of the feminist community got me thinking more deeply about women's issues. Women's History Month is great in that it brings attention to women's rights, but the word "history" implies that our struggles were in the past, and I think they are very much still happening in the present tense.[/blockquote]

Feminist Wednesday will be at 'A Night of Sirens' and we encourage you to join us! For more information please visit their official facebook page.


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