30 Things I Don’t Know by Age 30



by Erin BagwellFounder of Feminist Wednesday Director of Dream, Girl

In honor of my 30th birthday, and all those lists that tell you what you should know by the time you turn 30, I’m going to tell you all the things I don’t know and would like to learn.

  1. I would like to learn how to scuba dive.

  2. I would like to learn how to effectively save money and be more financially literate.

  3. I’d like to learn how to build my physical health into my daily routine.

  4. I’d like to learn how to cook. I can currently make a handful of meals. And be handful I mean two things (a fajita and penne vodka pasta) so I’d love to increase my cooking repertoire to up to at least ten things.

  5. I’d like to get over my fear of going to the dentist. I haven’t been in four years (I know, I know, I know) that’s insane. I just need to go.

  6. I’d like learn my transcendental meditation mantra.

  7. I’d like to learn how to use the NYC bus public transportation system. After living in the city for seven years I have no idea how to take a bus.

  8. I’d like to learn how to use a DSLR camera which might surprise people since I made an entire documentary on them but Mary, Francesca, and Victoria did all our shooting.

  9. I’d like to learn how to worry less about money, and be better at naming the narratives around money that pop up and freak me out.

  10. I’d like to learn how to write a song.

  11. I’d like to learn how to be a mother.

  12. I’d like to learn how to be open enough to receive and make a million dollars.

  13. I’d like to learn how to push people towards their dreams without being overbearing or obnoxious or unhelpful. I have a few people in my life who I’m watching walk towards their passions and it’s such a balance to figure out how best to support them.

  14. How to de-clutter my house! My garage (the big closet in the front of my apartment) has been driving me mad for the last five years. I can’t figure out how to have storage without it overflowing on top of me when I open the door.

  15. How to forgive myself.

  16. How to be more present in my life and in the now.

  17. How to cast a proper spell.

  18. How to win an oscar.

  19. How to let people out of my life that no longer see me. It’s always the people that don’t get it, and don’t see your worth that you want to impress. I’d like to learn how to let those people go and focus on those who love and support me.

  20. How to be a better ally for people of color, trans-people, LGBTQ people and anyone who feels marginalized in the feminist movement.

  21. How to not hyperventilate when doing my business taxes.

  22. How to be a really good public speaker.

  23. How to be more authentic in my brand.

  24. How to ride a horse.

  25. How to make a really delicious cocktail.

  26. How to support and give back to communities and organizations that support young women.

  27. I’d like to learn how to convince my husband to let me get a puppy.

  28. I’d like to learn to be happier,

  29. lighter,

  30. and have more fun.

Those are the top thirty things I’m going to be thinking about, working towards, and trying to improve over the next couple of years- what is something you want to learn or get better at? Share your top three in the comments below!