Prey [A Short Film] by Aćim Vasić

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Happy Feminist Wednesday, Acim. Can you introduce yourself& tell us how you got started in your craft? 

I’m a director/writer, living in Paris for the past 14 years. I was born in Serbia (part of what was formerly Yugoslavia), where I grew up. I have directed short films and music videos which have been screened at over 100 festivals around the world. Now I’m developing several feature films and TV series projects, hoping to step into that category soon.

Why is feminism important to you and how does it influences your work? 

Feminism is a big branch on the equality tree, along with race, religion, species and many more. It’s very difficult but it’s a duty of our civilization to reach the next level in the game of life, where we will be more conscious about ourselves and our effect on each other and our surroundings, where things will be much more equal, where there will be more respect and love, and where every woman a man sees will be regarded and respected like his mother or sister. 

One of my previous short films, “8”, addressed the violent side of masculinity in war, and men vs men, and “Prey” addresses the violent side of masculinity towards women. I guess from that it’s easy to see that masculinity is a big troublemaker. Masculinity and femininity are strongly connected, and I think that the stereotype of masculinity has to be redefined, and so does femininity, and it’s happening, right now. Many filmmakers are creating empowering documentaries, shorts and features on these subjects. But it’s hard, as it requires huge reprogramming through education, culture, eye-opening and mind-expanding experiences, and that’s where art serves an important purpose.

Like everything else, masculinity is an illusion, an idea, a theory which by trying to prove itself - it keeps shooting itself in the foot.

Feminism also reminds me to carefully consider equality during the writing stage of my scripts, about female characters and their representation in stories, and also the famous Bechdel test which will hopefully become ever more important in the film industry.

What do you do to avoid feminist burnout? What's your favorite self care practice? 

Writing and filming are both great things to do in order to prevent any burnout. Constantly creating new and different projects, even if they have similar themes, keeps optimism and energy levels high. And I guess swimming is a self care practice I try to do often.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field? 

Just keep making films and videos. Experience will either make you love it more and develop further, or it will lead you to quit and do something else that you will love more and be even better at.

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