ZeBra Bras: Custom Bras Are The Way of The Future


by Hannah Johnson

ZeBra Bras has a simple mission: Make Bras Better.

They use 3D scanning and printing to manufacture bras that fit perfectly. Each bra is handcrafted to exactly fit every customers' needs and wants - style, shape, color, and everything else about the bra is completely customizable.

So many bra companies have limited combinations of band sizes and cup sizes that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. With ZeBra Bras' innovative process, the guesswork completely leaves the bra-buying process.

Making better bras isn't just about making bras more comfortable. Having a better bra makes people more comfortable in their bodies. Take, for example, breast cancer survivors. After surgery, many have to find bras that only fit one breast, not both. ZeBra Bras is able to make uneven bras and both built-in and removable breast forms, to even out the appearance of a customers' breasts.

Custom breast forms (especially built into bras) are also a great resource for trans and nonbinary people, who currently have a limited set of options. Along the same lines, ZeBra Bras makes custom chest binders at an affordable price, which are hard to find even with widespread online shopping.

Back in the days of corsets, most undergarments were custom made for a fairly simple reason - it was the best way to be comfortable in your clothing. Why not go back to that? Technology has moved forward enough to make custom bras an affordable reality for the average person, and it is the best way to move to comfortable, beautiful bras that you actually want.

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