Meet Annie Tisshaw


Happy Feminist Wednesday, Annie- can you introduce yourself to our Bettys?

Hey! I'm Annie Tisshaw and I am a Norfolk born singer songwriter.

Tell us how you got interested in music?

I started learning classical piano from the age of 6. A few years later I started writing music on the piano, although at the time I didn’t really think about it like that. I just enjoyed playing and making stuff up as I went along. These later turned into ‘songs’ when I found out Regina Spektor, who was my favourite artist at the time wrote all her own music. My first songs were basically poems to music, there was rarely any structure and the lyrics were usually only a verse long.

Why is feminism important to you and how does it influences your work?

Feminism was a big part of me before I started making all my art about it and as a songwriter it was only natural that I started adding in those themes to my writing when I was constantly talking/reading about feminism. It was something I was really passionate about. I found the songs with the feminist themes had more meaning to me and those who listened. As someone who writes pop music it meant my songs gave a different narrative to those you would usually hear on the radio. It not only makes me stand out as an artist but I think it is something that is needed way more in pop. Why does everything have to be so one dimensional? I remembered being a teenager and hearing Rude Boy or Do It Like A Dude for the first time and it made me feel a sense of empowerment I hadn’t felt before. I was 17, I had shaved all my hair off, and the attitude in those songs made me feel like I could be girlie or not and still feel good. Those were the songs that inspired Mr Rockstar. 

What do you do to avoid feminist burnout? Whats your favorite self care practice?

I think I can be pretty bad at self care, I work a lot and generally like to be busy 24/7 but reminding myself to get off social media is definitely one. Sometimes you just need to do something fun or different with your friends that doesn’t include politics/feminism.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in your field?

Work harder than everyone else you know, practice loads and patience. 

How can our Bettys support you?

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