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Who You Admire Now

Katie- My friend Tory, who recently lost her fight against angiosarcoma, a rare and brutal cancer. Our girl endured SO much, yet her strength and positive attitude never faltered. She truly lived life to the fullest. Seeing her come up against such a terrible prognosis, countless chemo and radiation treatments, and unimaginable pain with such grace is truly inspirational. We used to look alike in elementary school and dressed up as twins every year on twin day. Then Tory lost her hair and gained weight as result of her treatment. I mean, that’s enough to seriously shake any woman’s disposition. But Tory’s attitude was so bright and she stayed so beautiful. When I’m facing something tough and find myself freaking out, I remember her and how brave she was, and I think, “If Tory could face up to her illness they way she did, than you can certainly overcome THIS problem”. And it’s true. What a bad-ass bitch.

Theresa- Well she is my best-friend.  Gives my wings wind to fly every day, and always has.  Became my voice, when my words were too small to hear. Whenever I fall she picks me right up and dusts me off.  She is fearless and tremendously protective of me.  She tries to hide her super hero cape, although I see it revealed every now and again.  She is my Wonder Woman, she is my mother.

Sara-  It’s cliche, but Michelle Obama. she portrays herself with such elegance and class, thus helping to break stereotypes and set an ideal yet realistic example for minority women.

What Makes You a Bad Ass Bitch

Katie- As an inner city public school teacher, I face many seemly hopeless situations pretty regularly. Because of this, I’ve become amazingly good at shutting all those negative Nancys down. I find creative solutions to some pretty grueling challenges.

Theresa- I had the so-called perfect life, and then reality shook me from the dream.  I could no longer keep voiceless; no longer revolve around his mood, tiptoeing in everyday.  I tapped into my secret resilience that was masked, and untied myself. Now a single mother who puts one foot in front of the other on a path untraveled, although so full of chance. Invisible no longer, clarity now in front of me.  My son empowers me, proves love, expresses compassion and reminds me everyday how beautiful my smile is.  Tired and drained on average, scared even. Though determined to show my boy what a woman can accomplish, and I will.

Sara- my job has helped me be a bad bitch in some not so great suburbs north of Boston. Not many women do my job, which involves walking into garages, body shops and tow yards, and telling the guys what’s what when it comes to car repairs after an accident. I feel like a bad ass when I impress someone (especially the men) with my car knowledge. I deal with a lot of shady people in this industry, and they fact that they respect me and like me means a lot. I’m also a lot taller than most of these guys, so when I walk into a shop with my makeup done, hair looking good, and then get dirty in an engine while the guys all stare, I feel like a bad ass bitch.

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